Welcome to Droomparken’s solar panel programme

Droomparken allows you to feed back the electricity generated by solar panels on your holiday home. You will receive compensation for every kWh of electricity you feed into the electricity network! When you return power you receive the same rate as you pay per kilowatt-hour. If you register, we will conduct a free survey of the holiday home and will send you a no-obligation offer by e-mail. Our offer will contain a specification of the number of solar panels and a calculation of the annual number of kWh the system will produce for you. There is a maximum that applies to the feed-in: this is equal to your annual electricity consumption. You can therefore reduce your electricity bill to a maximum of €0. After installing the solar modules, Droomparken charges a fee of just € 90 per year. This includes the replacement of your current electricity meter as well as usage and the additional load of the electricity network. Are you going to participate?

You can register until December 31 2021. Once you have registered, we will take care of everything for you, including a good and aesthetic design and proper installation. We will install the best products and a gross kWh production meter for online monitoring of your system. This way, we guarantee a good yield in the coming years.

We have started the solar panel programme in the North Holland region; the other regions will be addressed in 2021. So if you have a holiday home at Droomparken you can register without obligation and discover how much money you can save in the coming years.

  • Total package including installation work

  • Solar panels, inverter(s) and all installation materials

  • Excellent product guarantees

  • Online yield monitoring

  • Maintenance and Service



QCELLS 340 Watt Peak


The Q.PEAK DUO-G9 solar module from Q CELLS impresses thanks to innovative Q.ANTUM DUO Technology, which enables particularly high performance on a small surface area. Q.ANTUM‘s world-record cell concept has now been combined with state-of-the-art circuitry, half cells and a six-busbar design, achieving outstanding performance.
The 12 year product guarantee and 25 year linear performance guarantee provide you high investment security.

  • Reliable product warranty of 12 years

  • 25 year linear performance guarantee

  • The best quality control on solar panels



Registration of participants

Direct confirmation by e-mail.

Customised offer

All details in one clear offer. No financial surprises.


After your acceptance, we will contact you about the installation period.




Participants will get a home visit in the park.



One of our certified installers will inspect your roof.



We will coordinate all products, work and maintenance with Droomparken.



After the inspection, the offer will be sent to you within 5 working days.



After your acceptance, the installer will complete the installation within 1 day. You will be informed of the installation period.



The invoice will be sent to you once the installation is complete.


Specialised professionals

The installers of ZelfOpwekken have already installed solar panels on 50 Droomparken holiday homes. We will make sure that the systems have the same quality, finish and external features. Installing solar panels on holiday homes is a job for specialists. There are dozens of types of roofing and constructions that are always closely examined. Each situation requires a different technical solution.

Electrical work and kWh monitoring are important in addition to roof work. Our installers will always place a free power unit and a gross production meter in the distribution box. Your system will be connected to this and via LAN to your internet router.

Proof of professional competence

Our experienced installers will make sure that each system is safe and is properly finished. Certification by InstallQ is one of the conditions for becoming a member of Techniek Nederland.

  • Training via DBA roof and façade training courses

  • ISSO knowledge institute for the installation sector

  • PV system design examination by CITO

  • Knowledge based on more than 10,000 installations



Register and participate!

Participation in the solar panel program is free for Droomparken owners. Sign up by 1 May using the registration form. Always state your annual kWh consumption when you register. The kWh consumption is required to determine the maximum number of panels and to provide you with optimum return.


Our expert pays a visit

After we have received all registrations, we will inspect the participating holiday homes. A period of time will be scheduled for the inspections in consultation with Droomparken. When measuring the space on the roof, we will take account of the shadow of trees, skylights and chimneys, for example. We will optimize the cable route and inspect the distribution box for each type of house, which will result in a customised offer and a laying plan for each house.


Your offer: acceptance / no acceptance

After the inspection of your holiday home, the installer will draw up your customised offer. You will receive an e-mail containing a link to view the proposal online. We will specify all details in your customised offer. In addition to the products and costs, your offer includes the number of panels, the laying plan design and a detailed yield calculation for 25 years.

If you have any questions about the offer, you can contact our help desk. We will be happy to discuss the offer with you by e-mail and telephone.



After you have accepted the offer, we will contact you to make an installation appointment. An installation period will be scheduled in consultation with Droomparken. As the owner, you must be present on the installation day. The entire system (solar panels, inverter(s), monitoring system and an additional power unit in the distribution box) will be installed in good working order within 1 day. The installation will be done by our experienced installers.


Reclaim VAT (BTW)

As a Dutch business owner, you can reclaim the 21% VAT you paid on the products and the work from the tax authorities. Business owners are required to reclaim the 21% VAT themselves. We can help private individuals to reclaim their 21% VAT from the tax authorities, if desired. In order to provide this service, we need some additional information from you; we will contact you about this after you have accepted the offer.


Solar panels:
Product guarantee

ZelfOpwekken offers you an impressive 12-year product guarantee on the solar panels. Should any panel become defective during this period, it will be replaced free of charge.

Solar panels:
Performance guarantee

The Q CELLS performance guarantee: a maximum degradation rate of 0.54% per year. The result: at least 85% of nominal power after 25 years.

Mounting materials:
Product guarantee

There is a 10-year product guarantee on all installation materials. This applies to pitched as well as flat roofs.

Product guarantee

We recommend micro-inverters for homes with limited space and roofs with shadows. APSystems was founded in 2009 in Silicon Valley in the USA. APSystems has since become the world’s second-largest manufacturer and offers a 20-year product guarantee. A string inverter is also suitable in certain situations. Growatt, the manufacturer, offers you an impressive 10-year product guarantee.


The certainty of Techniek Nederland works in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Techniek Nederland. The terms and conditions can be downloaded here. As a supplement to these terms and conditions, uses its own Terms and Conditions.

Certainty at ZelfOpwekken

  • Member of Techniek Nederland

  • Objective disputes committee

  • Certification: Solar power system design

  • Certification: Installation of solar energy systems on roofs

  • Certification: Safety for Operational Supervisors SCC diploma - Safe working